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Gobustan Hybrid Power Plant
  • At the Gobustan Hybrid Power Plant (HPP) Wind Power Plant, Solar Power Plant and Biogas Power Plant works together. Here, electricity generated from wind, solar and biogas is transmitted to the grid in a hybrid form.
  • With the Gobustan HPP study of opportunities for autonomous payment of energy supply to villages and districts at the expense of electricity generated at the station, it is planned to meet the energy needs of the city of Gobustan at the initial stage and Gobustan region at the next stage.
  • The total area of ​​the station is 38 ha. The station is located in Gobustan city of Gobustan region.
  • The project capacity of the station is 6.4 MW. In 2013, 3.6 MW of power was put into operation in the first stage of the station construction. From the date of commissioning to January 1, 2022, 36.3 million kWh of electricity was generated at the station.
  • There are cottages on the territory of the station, where the supply of electricity and hot water is met by solar panels and solar collectors.