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Project "Knowledge exchange and technical support for the development of floating solar panels"

Within the framework of cooperation between the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Asian Development Bank, a pilot project "Knowledge exchange and technical assistance support for the development of floating solar panel systems" is being implemented with funding from the Asian Development Bank.

In frame of the project installation of a 100 kW photovoltaic system on Boyukshor Lake, as well as the formation of business models to promote the participation of the private sector in the installation of solar installations and strengthening national capacity through training is envisaged. Research is being carried out within the relevant project to implement large-scale projects on water objects in the future.

During the project implementation, an international consulting company prepared a feasibility study for the development of floating solar panels (FPV) in Azerbaijan and solar energy potential of water pools was assessed using a methodology based on the GIS. The project is planned to be completed by March 2023.