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Foreign journalists were informed about green energy plans in Karabakh and East Zangezur

The Ministry of Energy held a meeting with 26 foreign media representatives from 12 countries, including Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Serbia, USA, Egypt, Algeria, Northern Cyprus, Malaysia and Japan.

In the beginning of the event, information was given about Khojaly genocide,and this tragedy, which was noted as a manifestation of the racist policy carried out by Armenia, was one of the most serious crimes committed against the civilian population, and the victims of the tragedy were commemorated with respect.

Then, the Head of AREA under the Ministry of Energy, Tabriz Ammayev, made a presentation and gave information to foreign journalists about the rich renewable energy potential of our country, the possibilities of realization of this potential, the measures taken to expand the use of green energy and future plans. Broad information was brought to the attention of the guests about the green energy resources of the liberated territories, the concept and master plan for the transformation of Karabakh and East Zangezur into a green energy zone, as well as the energy projects to be implemented in these territories, the hydro, wind, solar plants to be built or restored, and the steps taken to attract foreign investments.

At the end, foreign journalists' questions were answered.