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AERA holds “Transition to Green Energy” seminar at Baku Slavic University

The Azerbaijan Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA) organized a seminar titled “Transition to Green Energy” at Baku Slavic University (BSU) as part of the “Energy Talks” project within the “Green World Solidarity Year”.

Specialists from AERA and Azerbaijan Renewable Energy Agency, BSU professors and teachers, researchers, students, as well as members of the “BSU Volunteers for the Green World” group joined the event.

Speaking at the seminar’s opening, BSU Rector Anar Naghiyev reminded that 2024 was declared the “Green World Solidarity Year” in the Republic of Azerbaijan by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. He said various events are being held at the University on this occasion. A. Naghiyev also spoke about the “BSU Volunteers for the Green World” group created as part of “Green World Solidarity Year” and said the group is the University’s first official volunteering movement: “Our aim is for our youth to actively promote awareness-raising within the context of the “green world” throughout the year”. He also reminded that this year Azerbaijan will host a prestigious event such as COP29, which is one of the biggest events in the world. A. Naghiyev also expressed gratitude to AERA management for organizing the next seminar of the “Energy Talks” project at BSU.

Zeynab Kazimova, head of the AERA Press Section, in her turn, briefly spoke about the “Energy Talks” project, and noted that as part of this project, joint events have been hosted with universities such as Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University (ASOIU), Baku Engineering University (BEU), Azerbaijan Technical University (ATU) and Sumgait State University (SSU). Z. Kazimova said a number of events are being held in Azerbaijan on the occasion of the “Green World Solidarity Year”, adding that educational institutions also contribute to this initiative. She lauded the establishment of the “BSU Volunteers for the Green World” group at BSU within the framework of this significant year. Z. Kazimova also noted that Azerbaijan’s hosting of COP29 in November this year is an indicator of great respect and support for our country by the international community.

Afterwards a videoclip about AERA’s activities was showcased at the event.

The seminar continued with the presentations by Hikmat Hasanov, Head of AERA’s Strategic Planning and Innovations Department, titled “Regulation of Charging Services for Electric Vehicles” and Jabrayil Aliyev, Head of the Project Management Department of the Azerbaijan Renewable Energy Agency, titled “Development of Green Energy in Azerbaijan”.

Following the event, a question-and-answer session took place, covering an extensive range of questions.