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An event dedicated to Victory Day was held at the Ministry of Energy

The Ministry of Energy held an event dedicated to 8 November - Victory Day, which is a symbol of the restoration of Azerbaijan's national pride along with its territorial integrity. The event began with a minute of silence commemorating the heroic sons of the motherland who sacrificed their lives for the independence and sovereignty of Azerbaijan.

Energy Minister Parviz Shahbazov said in his speech that the day of 8 November, which decided the fate of the Patriotic War with the liberation of Shusha, the crown of Karabakh, was the beginning of a great period that determined the fate of the region as a whole. It was noted that the architect of this new geopolitical order, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the victorious Supreme Commander - in-Chief Mr. Ilham Aliyev rewrote the last two centuries of history of Karabakh by completing the long-term conflict with a unique ending: "The unity of the economic and military power of our state with the power of great strategy and decisive leadership, high patriotism and the spirit of national unity in our society brought great victories to Azerbaijan. The 44-day Patriotic War and the anti-terrorist operation lasting only 23 hours, the complete liberation of our lands, the provision of our sovereignty, the raising of our National Flag in all our territories saved from the enemy brought Azerbaijan to its most powerful period in history."

The Minister stressed that the war of Azerbaijan was a Just War, which ensured the right, international law and justice at the expense of its own power. Azerbaijan entered the world history as the first country to single-handedly implement UN Security Council resolutions. The Principality demonstrated on the diplomatic front was continued by a dignified war on the military field.

In the speech, it was noted that the President of the country, giving an interview to about 30 influential foreign media for hours, fought as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief on the front line of the information war, and the world got acquainted with the new leader of the 21st century, the victorious commander of the world on the example of Mr. Ilham Aliyev, who led Azerbaijan to the path of glorious Victory and Development. It was noted that Mr. President bestowed this victory, which is a symbol of Azerbaijan's sovereignty, on the 100th anniversary of the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev, who trusted him with the future fate of our country many years ago, with the exact timing characteristic of a true leader.

Noting that Azerbaijan is a country that has put an end to separatism in the post-Soviet space, the Minister also spoke about the restoration and reconstruction work carried out in the liberated territories. He said that Karabakh and East Zangazur are being restored on the basis of modern construction model, the concept of Green Energy Zone, Smart Cities and smart villages of the 21st century are being built, and the Great Return is being successfully implemented.

Then a documentary film about Victory Day was shown.

Nijat Aliyev, an employee of the Energy Regulatory Agency under the Ministry of Energy, a participant in the Patriotic War, spoke at the event and shared his memories of the courage of our soldiers who bravely performed their duty and combat missions during military operations.

At the end, employees who participated in the Patriotic War Kamran Rzayev, Javad Ahmadli, Nijat Aliyev and Sahil Babayev were awarded letters of gratitude by the Minister of Energy.