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The delegation of Azerbaijan participated in the meeting of the IRENA Council

On May 23-24, the delegation led by Kamran Huseynov, Deputy director of the Azerbaijan Renewable Energy Agency (AREA) under the Ministry of Energy participated in the 25th meeting of the Council of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Kamran Huseynov participated in high-level panel discussions organized on topics such as "Road to COP28: Energy transition based on renewable energy sources and critical materials", "Global situation of geothermal energy market and technologies", "Financing of renewable energy projects".

In the speech, the energy transition and projects implemented in the field of renewable energy of Azerbaijan, geothermal energy potential and prospects of our country, difficulties and supporting mechanisms related to the financing of renewable energy projects at the macro-economic level were reported. Bilateral meetings were held regarding the "Geothermal Alliance" cooperation, sharing of experience in the field of green hydrogen, application of IRENA's existing platforms and supporting mechanisms in green energy projects implemented in Azerbaijan. A series of meetings regarding the expansion of future cooperation between AREA and IRENA took place. The deputy director of AREA also participated in the meetings of the "Program and strategic" and "Administrative and financial" committees.

Representatives of 113 countries and the European Union, Azerbaijan was elected a member of the "Administrative and Financial" committee for the next two years.

It should be noted that according to the decision adopted at the 13th Session of the IRENA Assembly, Azerbaijan is a member of the IRENA Council for 2023-2024.