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At the World Utilities Congress: - Azerbaijan can contribute to the diversification of energy supply as a source of green energy along with natural gas

Energy Minister Parviz Shahbazov spoke at panel discussions at the World Utilities Congress in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The minister touched upon the issues of energy security, energy transition, the growing role of Azerbaijan as a reliable energy supplier, and partnership with the Gulf countries in green energy in terms of the processes taking place in the global energy supply system. 

Shahbazov stressed that in the current non-standard situation related to the supply of energy resources, sustainable energy security could be achieved through multifaceted diversification: "It is necessary to ensure not only different sources of energy imports but also a variety of resources for the energy balance. Not only renewable energy sources but also hydrocarbon-based energy supplies are not as sustainable."

The Minister of Energy noted that currently the emphasis is not so much on renewable energy sources, but on the aspect of energy security, and in this regard, the goal of moving from “net zero” to alternative energy sources has also changed. The minister said that the approach to developing green energy, accelerating the energy transition in the context of diversifying energy sources, is more rational and effective than a policy aimed only at reducing emissions and even eliminating natural gas from the energy balance.  It was noted that the smoothness of the energy transition and the path to the goal of achieving "net zero" is directly related to ensuring energy security.

The Minister of Energy also noted that Azerbaijan is one of the countries with sustainable energy independence due to internal resources, a diversified energy balance and supply markets.  It was also noted that Azerbaijan plans to expand the role of a supplier of oil, gas and electricity through the export of renewable energy.  “Azerbaijan can contribute to the diversification of energy supply as a source of green energy along with natural gas”, the Minister of Energy added.

For this purpose, information was given about the projects implemented and planned for the production and export of electricity from renewable energy sources. It was noted that Azerbaijan gained new partners on the example of the Gulf countries with 470-megawatt projects. It was noted that, thanks to Azerbaijan's green energy course and its rich potential, this partnership is strengthened by larger projects, it is on the agenda to increase contributions to regional and international energy security.